Our Mission

Our mission at New York AcuHealth is to help our patients improve their overall quality of life by providing high quality Traditional Chinese Medicine. We are committed to maintaining a high level of excellence in order to provide exceptional patient care. We are dedicated to patient health and well-being, and unwaveringly adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct and ethics. We provide a pleasing and comfortable environment in order for our patients to derive optimal benefit from our care.

About New York AcuHealth

New York AcuHealth offices were designed by the talented third-generation architect Bryan Zelnick. It features custom upholstered memory foam treatment tables, a multi-zone, multi-channel sound system, beautiful Chinese artwork and calligraphy, as well as complimentary snacks and beverages. Meticulous attention has been paid to every facet of the Center in order to provide you with the most peaceful, comfortable and relaxing healing experience.

New York AcuHealth's registered trademark logo, which in Chinese calligraphy combines the words "longevity" and "good fortune," is an artistic representation of Dr. Hsu's philosophy that longevity, a result of good health, is synonymous with good fortune.